The standard code known as the National Electrical Code of 2005, a publication of the National Fire Protection Association, the same being a standard code for the installation of electrical wiring and apparatus and available in book and pamphlet form is hereby incorporated by reference herein and made a part of this article as authorized and in the manner prescribed by K.S.A. 12-3009:3012. Three copies shall be marked or stamped “Official Copy as Incorporated by the Code of the City of Deerfield,” and shall be filed with the city clerk to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours of business.

(Code 2008)

For the purpose of this article, the following shall mean:

(a)   Electrician or Electrical Contractor - Any person engaged in the business of installing, repairing or maintaining electrical wiring and apparatus, which shall include all wiring, materials, devices, machinery, appliances, fixtures, motors or conductors used in connection with the transmission or consumption of current used in electrical light, heat or power.

(Code 1985)

The building inspector appointed under section 4-204 shall serve as electrical inspector for the city and it shall be his or her duty to: (1) prepare or cause to be prepared suitable forms for applications, permits, inspection reports and other such materials; (2) inspect and test all electrical work for compliance with this chapter and the electrical code and to require changing of such installations that do not meet the requirements of this chapter.

(Code 1985)

The electrical inspector shall have the duty and is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to:

(a)   Regulate and determine the placing of electric wires or other appliances for electric lights, heat or power in the city and to cause all such wire, appliances or apparatus to be placed, constructed and guarded as not to cause fires or accidents, endangering life or property and to be constructed as to keep to a minimum the toss of waste of electric current;

(b)   Enforce all provisions of this article; and

(c)   Inspect and/or test all electrical work and equipment or apparatus for compliance with the code, and whenever electric wiring, appliances or apparatus shall be defective or hazardous through improper manufacture or improper or insufficient insulation or for any other reason, he or she shall at once cause the removal of such defect or defects, at the expense of the owners or owners of such wiring, appliance or apparatus.

(Code 1985)

The electrical inspector, in the discharge of his or her official duties and upon proper identification, shall have authority to enter any building, structure or premises at any reasonable hour to perform his or her duties as required in this chapter.

(Code 1985)

(a)   Any person engaged in the business defined in section 4-402 above, before beginning the electrical work shall apply to the electrical inspector and obtain a permit to do such work. All such work shall meet the code requirements.

(b)   All applications for permits shall be made on suitable forms provided.

(c)   The application shall be accompanied by a fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00).

(d)   The fee for any reinspection required by the electrical inspector shall be Twenty Dollars ($20.00).

(Ord. 2007-5, Sec. 3)

Upon the completion of the wiring, installation or alteration of any building or structure for light, heat, power, appliance or apparatus, it shall be the duty of the person having direct charge of such to notify the electrical inspector who shall, as early as possible, inspect such wiring, installation, appliance and apparatus and if installed, altered and constructed in compliance with the permit and in accordance with the requirements of this article, he or she shall execute a certificate of satisfactory inspection, which shall contain the date of such inspection and the result of his or her examination. No such certificate shall be issued unless such electric wiring, motors, heating devices, appliance and apparatus are in strict accord with the rules and requirements and the spirit of this article, nor shall current be turned on such installation, equipment, appliance, motors, heating device and apparatus until the certificate be issued. The amount of fee or charge to be made for such inspections and certificate shall be fixed and determined by the governing body.

(Code 1985)

All electrical construction, all materials, appliances, motors, heating devices and apparatus used in connection with electrical work and the operation of all electrical apparatus within the city shall conform to the rules and requirements of the edition of the National Electrical Code adopted by the city at the time when work is performed or equipment and apparatus installed. The electrical inspector supervising the enforcement of this code will have the responsibility and authority for making interpretations of the rules, for deciding upon the approval of equipment, materials, construction and for granting the special permission contemplated in a number of the rules and the electrical inspector, where necessary, shall follow the code procedure for securing official interpretations of the code.

(Code 1985)

Upon failure to comply with this article, the electrical inspector shall have authority, after due notice, to cut off electric current to the premises concerned.

(Code 1985)

An electrician or electrical contractor, as defined in section 4-402 above, shall, before engaging in business, procure and maintain a liability insurance policy in the amount of $100,000 for the death or injury of any one person and $300,000 for the death or injury of any number of persons in any one accident and $50,000 for property damages in any one accident. Such policies of insurance shall be issued by some insurance company authorized to do business in the State of Kansas. An electrician or electrical contractor may qualify as to the insurance requirements by filing a certificate with the city clerk executed by the resident agent of such company stating that the required policy of insurance has been issued by such company for the purpose required by this article and that such insurer will not cancel the policy except upon giving 30 days' notice in writing to the city; and that the certificate shall be filed for an annual period beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of such year.

(Code 1985)