The city is hereby authorized to establish and collect a storm sewer maintenance user fee. Any and all fees collected pursuant to this article shall be deposited in a separate and distinct storm sewer maintenance fund.

(Ord. 2006-4, Sec. 3)

Storm sewer maintenance fees shall be charged by the city as follows:

(a)   Single Family Dwelling Units – $3.00 per month.

(b)   Multi-Family Dwelling Units – Each dwelling unit – $3.00 per month.

(c)   Light or Heavy Commercial or Light Industrial – $6.00 per month.

(d)   Heavy Industrial (schools) – $100.00 per month.

(Ord. 2006-4, Sec. 4)

The fees charged for the storm sewer drainage facility maintained in the city together with fees charged for water, sewer, garbage and rubbish collection, and any other fees charged by the city are hereby declared to be parts of one debt to the city insofar as the same affect any one consumer and the refusal or failure to pay any one such part of the debt for any monthly period of service in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the governing body of the city shall be sufficient cause for discontinuing all city services. The storm sewer user fee shall be charged as set out above, along with the sewer, water and garbage collection fees on a monthly basis.

(Ord. 91-11, Sec. 8)

If any part or parts of this article shall be held or determined to be unconstitutional, illegal, ultra vires, invalid or void, the same shall not be held or construed to change, annul or invalidate any of the remaining provisions of this article.

(Ord. 91-11, Sec. 11)